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Orchestrating Efficiency

Advanced AIoT Solutions for Smart Enterprise Integration

Announcing Protocols Unified:
Your One-Click AIoT Integration Solution

Launching in Q2 2024, our newest service unifies all major IoT protocols—OPC UA, MQTT, Modbus, BACnet, CoAP, and more—into a single, streamlined solution. Experience effortless integration into your enterprise IoT systems, eliminating the complexity of customization. Connect any device, any protocol, with just one click.

Maturity Estimation

Every journey starts with a first step - we provide you with a 360° analysis for a future AI adoption.


We offer a wide variety of solutions for our customers.

Maturity Estimation

Mapping your AI journey - We equip you with comprehensive insights to navigate the AI adoption landscape.

First AI Adoption for IoT

Initiating AI integration - Our workshop series are tailored to launch your IoT systems into the age of AI, ensuring a value-driven start.

Technical Consulting

Customized expertise for AIoT - Our in-depth technical consulting adapts to your unique business requirements to enhance your AIoT capabilities.

Bridge Construction

Implementing AIoT

For business execution we have developed a framework with Bosch, which provides good practices and project templates for successfully building smart, connected products and solutions with AI and IoT.

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